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Factory Foreman
General information
Type: Sellbot
Weakness: Storm Cloud
Location: Sellbot Factory
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The Factory Foreman is the head of the Sellbot Factory in Sellbot Headquarters. He can be a Mr. Hollywood, The Mingler, Two-Face, or Mover & Shaker. He is a level 9 skelecog, and you battle against him and three other level 6 cogs in the Center Silo Control Room. To get to him, you need to make it through the rest of the Sellbot Factory, and unlock the door to the Center Silo using the buttons located in the East and West Silos. After you defeat him, you get a Sellbot cog suit piece. You need 10 cog suit pieces to complete your cog suit.


  • A foreman is a person that watches over people in a factory.
  • The Foreman is not the only skelecog in the Factory. There are a total of ten skelecogs.
  • The Foreman can be a skelecog from a Mover & Shaker, to a Mr. Hollywood skelecog. Since level nine is the max level of a Mover & Shaker, it is the strongest type of a Foreman. Since level nine is the second lowest level of a Mr. Hollywood, it is the weakest type of a Foreman.
  • This is the only mini-boss under level 11. In fact, he was level 11, until the release of Cashbot Headquarters.
  • When the battle begins, the Factory Foreman says, "I'm the Foreman", or one of the other cogs would say "Let me introduce you to the Foreman."
  • The Cogs may say: "Have your people call my people" "It's my day off" Etc. depending on the load speed
  • The Factory Foreman's Weakness is the Storm Cloud, because it goes right through him!

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