Fish Bingo is a Toontown Online event that occurs all day on most Wednesdays and for a few hours during Silly Saturday. It was released on November 15, 2004 on the Test Server [1] and December 1, 2004[2] to the public.

How to Play

Normal Way

Toons can click the squares on the card in the bottom right corner of their screen when fishing. When they catch a fish of a certain type, they can click a matching square to mark it. When all the required squares are marked, they can press the "BINGO" button and win extra jellybeans.

When BINGO is pressed, only the toons who are present at the fishing docks receive a reward.

Game Modes

  • Classic - 10 jellybeans
  • Four Corners - 20 jellybeans
  • Diagonals - 40 jellybeans
  • Three Way - 80 jellybeans
  • Blockout - 10000 jellybeans


  • When playing, always mark a spot for every fish you catch.
  • When an old boot is caught, mark starting with the rarest fish, then move on to the more common (i.e. Devil Ray, Holey Mackerel, Piano Tuna, Nurse Shark, and so on).


  • The middle square is marked in by default.
  • Every game has a timer, and the Blockout mode has the shortest time.
  • Blockout only happens at the beginning of an hour.
  • There is a Devil Ray on almost every bingo card.
  • There are 15 seconds between games (unless there is a longer intermission).
  • When old boots are caught, they can be used to mark any square on the card.
  • From May 24 2012 onward, Fish Bingo ran for 2 hours on Silly Saturdays along with Grand Prix.
  • When a toon's bucket is full during Fish Bingo, they can sell their fish without going to the fishermen or pet shop, even at their Estate.
  • When Fish Bingo was released on the Test Server, it was temporarily unavailable, presumably due to bugs from November 19th-24th. A few changes have been made, such as the time to clear Blockout (it was originally 45 seconds).[3]



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