General information
Target: All toons
Weakest Damage: 15
Strongest Damage: 30
Signature Move: Yes
Bossbots: C.E.O.
Lawbots: None
Cashbots: None
Sellbots: None
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Fore is a boss cog move exclusive to the Chief Executive Officer. When he uses this attack, he will say "Fore!" and begin to spin rapidly. Streams of large, transparent, fast-moving golf balls will fly from him in every direction towards all toons. If a toon makes contact with one, he/she will lose 15-45 Laff points, depending on the CEO's golf club color. There is a safe zone if you move out of the way in time as the balls do not follow you. The balls can pass through solid objects.

"Fore!" Attack in Action

This is what the CEO says when he is about to attack. When he does, you should start getting off the seltzer table if you are on one once he says that. If he does say it, you should get off the seltzer table and run somewhere else to avoid the attack. If you are golfing or just standing, just simply leave the golf and run somewhere else. If standing, run somewhere else to avoid this attack. Most of the time, the "Fore!" attack does 15 damage.

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