Welcome to the report a vandal page. This page is a prominent usage for reporting a misbehaving user. If you feel a user is violating the wiki rules and refuses to listen to warnings, please use this contact page to report a vandal.

Reporting a vandal

To report a vandal, the user must have violated the wiki rules. Please do not report someone just because you do not "like" them. If they, however, do violate the wiki rules, such as harassment or usage of profane language, then you may report them using the contact form.

What would you report a user for:

  • Violation of the wiki rules and/or Wikia's Terms of Use
    • Usage of profane language/harassing
    • Adding of inappropriate content
    • Harm to the wiki; spam, vandalism, trolling, etc.
  • Under-aged (must be 13 years or older to register an account)

Contact form

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Use this contact form to report a vandal.

Erase Username and correctly type in the user's name.

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