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Item approval User group Item
Approved Admins and Rollbacks You have never harmed the wiki maliciously, such as creating spam or vandalism.★
Approved Admins and Rollbacks You have never harassed another user.★
Approved Admins and Rollbacks You have never edited another's user page without permission.★
Approved Admins and Rollbacks You must not have a block history.★
Pending Admins You have at least 500 on the "Main" of your edit count.
Rollbacks You have at least 125 on the "Main" of your edit count.
Approved Admins You have participated in at least one of our projects.
Pending Admins and Rollbacks You are a trusted user of the community.★
Pending Admins You have been on this wiki for at least 60 days.
Rollbacks You have been on this wiki for at least 30 days.
Pending Admins and Rollbacks You agree to the Staff Policy and Wiki Rules. You also agree you are 13 years or older (see Wikia's Terms of Use)★
★ - Must be active for 30 days to be accounted as "Approved" or "Denied".

Review from administrators

Hello, I would like to be a rollback, I would not like to become an admin because 1. I do not have enough edits. 2. I don't think I'm experienced enough to be an admin. Hope to hear from all the admins and rollbacks again.

(You may have noticed some paranormal activity from me, like the C thing in before every VP section, that was a glitch, I'm not sure it's a glitch, maybe it was a code error while I was typing something extra for the VP information, all I know is that I did not write C before any section.

Cwazyface is NOT Cwazy.Talk to me! | See more about me!

You need to show that you can undo vandalism properly. I haven't seen you undo any spam edits. You've been active for 6 days. Maybe you should wait a little longer. You only have 131 edits under the "Main" category of your editcount. You need at least 250.
The majority of your edits have been on your userpage. This doesn't count toward "Main" edits. I suggest you start making more quality edits to regular pages.
(Evina and Bermuda: I marked off what I could of the chart. I'm still a noob at this, so if you have to correct anything go right ahead.)
~Lily 23:59, March 22, 2013 (UTC)
Like Flower said, you need to demonstrate that you can handle undoing vandalism and such. I have yet to see you undo vandalism. In fact, I have not seen a lot of edits outside of your userpage; most of your edits are in your userpage. It's not a bad thing, but it doesn't make a good first impression. And remember, even if you do manage to reach the requirements, you still need to have the admins' approval in order to be promoted.
Also, please be more active. I'd like to see you edit for more than a month without suddenly disappearing.
And, also, please remember that user rights are not fun-and-games but a responsibility; please demonstrate that you know these rights are a responsibility and not a reward for hard work. See our Staff Policy for more information.
To summarize what I just said, please demonstrate that you know rights are a responsibility, show that you can handle undoing vandalism, and continue editing.
@Flower: Nope, this is totally fine. :) You seem to know what to mark off and what to leave blank (well pending anyways). :P  Bermuda • Talk • 00:34,3/23/2013
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