Franz Neckvein
Franz Neckvein
Physical description
Gender: Male
Species: Mouse
Color: Tan
Building: The Punch Line Gym
Street: Punchline Place
Area: Toontown Central
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Franz Neckvein is an NPC mouse who works at The Punch Line Gym on Punchline Place, Toontown Central.


Main article: ToonTask:Gag training (Toontown Central)

Toons can visit him, Librarian Larry, or Honey Haha to choose to train for Toon-Up or Sound.

SOS toon

Franz Neckvein is also an SOS toon. He is known for his 4-Star Drop SOS. When called, he will use Grand Pianos that do 100 damage to all cogs. If used on lured cogs, the gags will guarantee a miss.


Look at you! Pitiful! You have arms like leetle rubber hoses. How can you throw a pie with such scrawny muscles? Big Weights aren't just for dropping on Cogs, you know - zey're for working out! I vill keep pumping up Toons until every Cog is terminated - Maybe zen I'll run for governor of Toontown! Right now, let's see some jumping jacks! Vun, two, vun, two, let's go!


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