A Friend List keeps track of the friends you make in Toontown. You can have up to 50 friends on your friend list. True Friends' names are blue, normal friends' names are green, and doodles' names are orange. You can make a new friend by clicking on a toon and selecting friends or you can go on the green friend list icon (next to Toon News... for the Amused!) and click "New Friend."

There are five sections of the friend list: The first one is Nearby Pets. This shows you all of the doodles in the area you are in (toon estates only). The second one is Online Toon Friends. This shows you all of your Toon friends who are online. The third one is All Toon Friends. This shows you all of your toon friends who are online and offline. The fourth and fifth ones are Online Player Friends and All Player friends. This is a feature that was removed from Toontown at the removal of the Disney XD site, but it wasn't removed from the friend list.

How to make a friend

Just click on a toon and when their Toon Detail Panel appears, click on the blue "Friends" button. That Toon gets a message asking if they'd like to be friends with you. If they say "Yes", they'll appear on your Friends List. Then you will be able to teleport or chat with them anytime you please, unless they are not online!

You can also go on your Friend List and click New Friend (the hand icon), click a Toon that you would like to be friends with, and they'll respond to your friend request.


  • You can click "New Friend," then click a cog. This will ask the cog to be your friend, but they will always say, "No, thank you."
  • You can automatically reject all incoming friend requests by turning friend requests "Off" in your Shticker Book. If someone tries to add you as a friend, they will receive a message that says, "[Toon] is not looking for new friends right now."
  • Originally, if a toon accepted your friend request, it would say "[Toon] says yes!" Nowadays, it is now changed to "You are now friends with [Toon]!"
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