Type: Special Emotion
Cattlelog: Special
Normal cost: 550 jellybeans
Giftable: No
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Furious is a special toon emotion available within 540 days of a new account.


  1. The toon steps forward and gets an angry expression.
  2. A tiger-like sound plays.
  3. The toon steps back and goes back to its regular expression.


  • When a toon is in a cog building or Sellbot Factory elevator and uses this emotion, its head or muzzle/bill may stick out of the elevator door when it closes.
  • This emotion is almost identical to Angry, but instead music plays and the toon shows his/her teeth.
  • When bears use this emotion, they make the noise they would make when they say an exclamatory phrase.
  • This is one of the only emotions to have duck toons show their teeth. The other is Delighted.


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