A Whole Cream Pie barrel in the Sellbot Factory

A gag barrel is an item found in cog facilities, placed there by the Toon Resistance. These items restock the gags of the same type that is shown on the barrel itself. They turn dark when they are used by a toon. They can usually be obtained after fighting cogs or maneuvering obstacles.


  • The gag barrel does not make an appearance in Cog golf courses.
  • In the Sellbot Factory, the gag barrels' logos are levels 1, 3, 5, and 6, whereas in the Cashbot Mint and the District Attorney's office, they are only level 6.
  • Gag barrels appeared in the Vice President battle for Operation: Storm Sellbot.
  • If the toon gets a gag barrel but does not have the selected gag, then it will fill up the next highest gag (or the next lowest gag if the barrel shows a gag that the toon does not have enough experience for).


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