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|Cog Move Name = Glower Power
|Type = Low-High
|Target =One Toon
|LowDamage = 3
|HighDamage = 22
|Sigmove = No
|Bossbots = [[Head Hunter]]<br/>[[The Big Cheese]]
|Cashbots = [[Tightwad]]
|image = glowerpower.png}}
'''Glower Power''' is a [[cog move]] used by [[The Big Cheese]], [[Head Hunter]], and [[Tightwad]].
#The Cog moves his head to the selected [[toons|toon]].
#Knives fly out of its eyes in the direction of the toon.
*''"You looking at me?"''
*''"I'm told I have very piercing eyes."''
*''"I like to stay on the cutting edge."''
*''"Jeepers, Creepers, don't you love my peepers?"''
*''"Here's looking at you kid."''
*''"How's this for expressive eyes?"''
*''"My eyes are my strongest feature."''
*''"The eyes have it."''
*''"Peeka-boo, I see you."''
*''"Look into my eyes..."''
*''"Shall we take a peek at your future?'"''
{|class="wikitable" style="width:45%; text-align:center"
!colspan="6"|[[Head Hunter]]
|width="50px"|[[Level 6 cogs|6]]
|width="50px"|[[Level 7 cogs|7]]
|width="50px"|[[Level 8 cogs|8]]
|width="50px"|[[Level 9 cogs|9]]
|width="50px"|[[Level 10 cogs|10]]
{|class="wikitable" style="width:45%; text-align:center"
!colspan="6"|[[The Big Cheese]]
|width="50px"|[[Level 7 cogs|8]]
|width="50px"|[[Level 8 cogs|9]]
|width="50px"|[[Level 9 cogs|10]]
|width="50px"|[[Level 10 cogs|11]]
|width="50px"|[[Level 11 cogs|12]]
{|class="wikitable" style="width:45%; text-align:center"
|width="50px"|[[Level 3 cogs|3]]
|width="50px"|[[Level 4 cogs|4]]
|width="50px"|[[Level 5 cogs|5]]
|width="50px"|[[Level 6 cogs|6]]
|width="50px"|[[Level 7 cogs|7]]
*This attack, like the attack [[Pick Pocket]], is one of the faster cog moves, taking about three seconds to complete.
*This might be based on the metaphor, "Daggers can shoot out of your eyes when you're angry" or "he glares daggers at someone."
*The Big Cheeses mostly say "I'm told I have very piercing eyes" when they use this move.
*The phrase "Here's looking at you, kid" is a reference to the 1942 film 'Casablanca.'
Dagger.JPG|A dagger used in this attack from the phase files.
[[Category:Cog moves]]
[[Category:Targets one toon]]

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