Good ol' Gil Giggles
Good ol Gil Giggles 1
Physical description
Gender: Male
Species: Pig
Color: Green
Building: Bossbot Clubhouse
Street: Bossbot Headquarters
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You Toons will need a different disguise. First take off your Cog suits... and then fight these waiters.

–Good ol' Gil Giggles, Bossbot Clubhouse

Good ol' Gil Giggles is an NPC pig toon who acts as the guide for toons doing the Chief Executive Officer battle.


  • He, along with the other boss NPCs Mata Hairy and Bumpy Bumblebehr, currently have no buildings in which they reside in.
  • He is the first pig NPC in Toontown and one of only seven total.
  • He is the one to remove the players' cog suits although in other battles it is the boss that does this.
  • He, and Sid Sonata, have been changed the most times. He was originally a coral pig, then a lime green pig, and now a green pig.



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