Goofy's Gag Shop is a massive chain of gag supply stores, owned by Goofy. The gag shop sells every type of gag for only one jellybean each (excluding level seven gags). Gag shops can be found in any neighborhood except Goofy Speedway and Chip 'n Dale's Acorn Acres, most of them near the playground's trolley station. This is where toons can stock their gags. Two clerks are there to help.

To stock up on your gags, simply walk up to a clerk and then the gag menu appears:


The Gag Menu

Click on any gag you want to buy (except level seven gags) and add as many as you want to its maximum capacity.

  • To delete a gag, just click on the trash can, then click on the gag that you want to delete. However, you will not get a refund on your jellybeans:

Locations and Clerks


  • All gag shops look the same on the inside except the Toontown Central gag shop, which has green walls.
  • Goofy in the Goofy Speedway playground says that in The Brrrgh, Hypno-Goggles are on sale for only one jellybean, even though you can get any gag for one jellybean.
  • A non-functional Grand Piano is inside every gag shop.
  • Most gag shop clerks' names rhyme (for example; Clerk Will and Clerk Bill). The only clerks that do not rhyme are the Daisy's Gardens and Minnie's Melodyland gag shop clerks.
    • Minnie's Melodyland's clerks' names are part of the Do-Re-Me song. Daisy Gardens' clerks are a reference to the band Peaches and Herb.
  • Goofy's Gag Shop has a non-functional Big Weight embedded in the floor and a hole in the awning outside, with an open Safe hanging above.
  • TNT crates can also be found outside, alongside some fireworks.
  • Clerk Clara, Clerk Will, Clerk Ray, and Clerk Penny are SOS toons obtainable by defeating the Vice President. They aid toons using Trap gags, or restocking Trap gags in Clerk Ray's aid.
  • There are no Cat, Monkey, Bear, or Pig clerks working in any Goofy's Gag Shop.
  • Although it is called Goofy's Gag Shop, Goofy does not work there.

In other languages

Language Name
FR French Le Boutique à Gags de Dingo [1]
ES Spanish ???
D German Goofys Gag-Laden[2]
BRZ Brazilian Portuguese Loja de Piadas do Pateta[3]
Japan Japanese グーフィーの ギャグショップ



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