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Goofy Speedway
Goofy Speedway.png
Basic information
Playground owner: Goofy
Connecting locations
Toontown Central playground
Population: 5 toons
Number of buildings: 1
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Located on the west side of Toontown is Goofy Speedway - where Toons show off their hot rods and turbo-boost their Laff limit! Goofy Speedway is accessed from a tunnel in the Toontown Central Playground. When you first arrive, make sure to visit one of the helpful mechanics at Goofy's Auto Shop to get started.

Goofy Speedway is a playground accessible via the tire-shaped tunnel in Toontown Central. Toons may compete in races and purchase karts and kart accessories in Goofy's Auto Shop. Goofy Speedway is home to Goofy and was introduced to the game in August 25, 2005 via Test Server and September 15, 2005 publicly.[1]

There are stands around the auto shop that allow toons to park their kart for a short amount of time. Coming in contact with it will give toons the option to park their kart.

There is also a leaderboard which displays eight toons with the quickest times in each race track. There are daily scores, weekly scores, and all-time.

Goofy's Auto Shop


Before a toon can start racing, they must purchase a kart, the Cruiser, in Goofy's Auto Shop. Within the auto shop are four toons: Anita Winn, Graham Pree, Ivona Race, and Phil Errup. A toon may communicate with any of these toons. When speaking with one of the NPCs, they will give toons the option to purchase karts or accessories.

In order to purchase other types of karts, other than the Cruiser and kart accessories, the player's account must have a membership status.


Main article: Kart


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Unlike other methods of purchasing through the use of jellybeans, the currencies are tickets. Each toon starts with 200 tickets. A toon may earn more by participating in races. Practice races require no deposit and will reward a toon with twenty tickets. In order to partake in battle races, the toon must have the specified amount of tickets. Each race track have a different set amount of deposits.

During battle races, the number of tickets rewarded will depend on the number of participants. The higher the placement, the more tickets the toon earns. Bonus tickets may be rewarded if a track record is beaten.


Race with other toons

There is a total of twelve tunnels. There are three types of races: stadium, rural, and urban. Each consist of four tunnels, half of which are practice entrances each; each also has a difficulty: stadium being easy, and urban being hard. There are six race tracks according to the type of race:

Practice races

Practice races allow toons to participate in a practice run. They require no deposit. Completing the track rewards twenty tickets, regardless of time and place. Toons may race alone or with three other toons.

Battle and Grand Prix races

Battle races allow toons to race against other toons. Depending on the race track, the deposit will vary. The higher the placement after crossing the finish line, the higher the tickets the toon receives.

During battle races, there will be gift boxes scattered around the track. Picking up a gift box will give you an item in which a toon may trigger. Each item has a specific role:

  • Whole Cream Pies - targets the toon in front of you and covers their screen with cream
  • Banana Peel - can be deployed anywhere on the track; coming in contact with it will result in loss of control
  • Turbo boost - the toon's speed will increase dramatically for a short period of time
  • Anvil - drops an anvil on top of the racer in first place; they will be halted from moving


For a player to move their kart, they can use the arrow keys:

  • Up - accelerate
  • Down - brake
  • Left - turn left
  • Right - turn right

During battle races, if a toon picks up a gift box scattered around the race track, they may trigger the item by pressing the Ctrl key on the keyboard.

Grand Prix

Main article: Grand Prix

The Grand Prix is held every Monday and partially during Silly Saturday. Toons may race with other toons to compete in three consecutive race tracks. There are two circuits, each with three tracks:


Like the other activities, competing in races will reward toons with trophies. There are thirty trophies; for every ten trophies the toon obtains, the toon earns a laff boost. The trophies may be viewed in the "Racing" section of the Shticker Book.

Trophy Description Course Method
1 1 Speedway race qualified Stadium 001 Qualify 1 Speedway race
2 10 Speedway races qualified Stadium 010 Qualify 10 Speedway races
3 100 Speedway races qualified Stadium 100 Qualify 100 Speedway races
4 1 Rural race qualified Rural 001 Qualify 1 Rural race
5 10 Rural races qualified Rural 010 Qualify 10 Rural races
6 100 Rural races qualified Rural 100 Qualify 100 Rural races
7 1 Urban race qualified Urban 001 Qualify 1 Urban race
8 10 Urban races qualified Urban 010 Qualify 10 Urban races
9 100 Urban races qualified Urban 100 Qualify 100 Urban races
10 100 total races qualified Any 100 Qualify 100 races
11 1 Speedway race won Stadium 001 Win 1 Speedway race in 1st place
12 10 Speedway races won Stadium 010 Win 10 Speedway races in 1st place
13 100 Speedway races won Stadium 100 Win 100 Speedway races in 1st place
14 1 Rural race won Rural 001 Win 1 Rural race in 1st place
15 10 Rural races won Rural 010 Win 10 Rural races in 1st place
16 100 Rural races won Rural 100 Win 100 Rural races in 1st place
17 1 Urban race won Urban 001 Win 1 Urban race in 1st place
18 10 Urban races won Urban 010 Win 10 Urban races in 1st place
19 100 Urban races won Urban 100 Win 100 Urban races in 1st place
20 100 total races won Any 100 Win 100 races in 1st place
21 1 tournament race qualified Grand Prix 001 Qualify in the Grand Prix 1 time
22 5 tournament races qualified Grand Prix 005 Qualify in the Grand Prix 5 times
23 25 tournament races qualified Grand Prix 025 Qualify in the Grand Prix 25 times
24 1 tournament race won Grand Prix 001 Win first place in the Grand Prix 1 time
25 5 tournament races won Grand Prix 005 Win first place in the Grand Prix 5 times
26 25 tournament races won Grand Prix 025 Win first place in the Grand Prix 25 times
27 1 tournament race swept Grand Prix 001 Finish in first place in all three races 1 time
28 5 tournament races swept Grand Prix 005 Finish in first place in all three races 5 times
29 25 tournament races swept Grand Prix 025 Finish in first place in all three races 25 times
30 Grand Touring All 001 Play all twelve courses one time

Concept art from Disney's Toontown Online

Goofy Stadium, the original concept for Goofy Speedway, on the original Toontown concept art map.

On March 12, 2016, Jesse Schell posted the original concept art map (shown on the right) on his Twitter that was seen in the 2003 Toontown Online commercial clearing up some past rumors, one of them being an original concept for Goofy Speedway called Goofy Stadium. It was planned to be based off a book in 1972 called Goofy the Sportsman, where Goofy competed in various sports to become the champion of the Disney Olympics. The playground was removed due to the street system, much like Funny Farm, as well as not having all the sports ideas thought out. The area was reworked into the sub-playground now known as Goofy Speedway.

In other languages

Language Name
FR.png French Circuit Dingo
ES.png Spanish Estadio de Goofy
D.png German ???
BRZ.png Brazilian Portuguese Autódromo do Pateta [2]
Japan.png Japanese グーフィー・サーキット


  • Before a major update occurred in 2011, toons had the ability to teleport to Goofy Speedway when they visited it for the first time. However, Disney removed the ability to obtain the teleport access.
    • Toons created prior to the removal would still have the ability to teleport to Goofy Speedway.
  • According to a Toon tip, Blizzard Boulevard is the most challenging track.


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