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Facilities: Sellbot Factory, Cashbot Mint, District Attorney's Office, Cashbot Vault
Damage: 2-30
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Goons are one-eyed, two-legged mechanical guards located in the Sellbot Factory, the Cashbot Mints, the CFO battle and the District Attorney's Office.

Typical goons wear a hard helmet and use a single large eye that projects a searchlight. If a toon collides with the light he or she will lose a number of laff points depending on the goon's type and location. Goons can be temporarily disabled by jumping on their head, but they cannot be destroyed except in the factory warehouse or the CFO battle. Goons are mostly seen in groups.

In the Chief Financial Officer battle, goons come out of the CFO undercarriage. These goons will start out yellow, but as the battle progresses, orange goons will come out followed by red ones. When the CFO's health is nearly depleted, the strongest type of goons will come out.

In the District Attorney's office, giant goons wearing blue hats can be found in some offices, but not all of them. They can be disabled, but due to their large size, a toon must jump at a high point to do it.

Types of goons

The types of goons are sorted by hat color and size. Most goons appear in the CFO battle.

Image Size Damage Hat Color Location
Tinygoon.png Tiny 2 Yellow Cashbot Vault
Goon 1.jpg Small 3-10 Yellow Sellbot Factory

Cashbot MintCashbot Vault

Biggoon.png Medium 8-14 Yellow Cashbot Vault
Mediumgoon.png Big 10-19 Orange Cashbot Vault
Largegoon.png Large 12-24 Red Cashbot Vault
Hugegoon.png Huge 15-30 Red Cashbot Vault
Great goon.jpg Giant 15 Blue District Attorney's Office


  • Tiny goons can be disabled by simply walking onto them. No jumping required.
  • There are no goons in Bossbot HQ.
  • Inside the District Attorney's Office, a large, rusted, inactive goon can be found in the same room with the great goons.
  • The giant goons in the District Attorney's Office do not share the traditional hard hat with the others goons. Instead, they wear a hat traditionally worn by policemen.
    • Although when the District Attorney's Office was released on the Test Server, goons wore orange construction hats.
  • Despite Giant Goons being larger than Huge Goons with larger searchlights, Huge goons take more laff away than Giant Goons.
  • In the CFO battle battle, goons can be destroyed by throwing them at the Chief Financial Officer, or by throwing safes at them; in the Sellbot Factory, it can be done by activating stompers while the goons walk below them.

In other languages

Language Name
FR.png French Goon
ES.png Spanish Goon[1]
D.png German Bot-Schläger
BRZ.png Brazilian Portuguese ???
Japan.png Japanese グーン [2]