Gyro Gearloose
Species: Chicken
Color: White
Location: Unknown
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Gyro Gearloose was a chicken toon inventor and employee to Scrooge McDuck. Little is known about him (from the game's perspective) as he was only mentioned in an old, silent, flash video while the game was downloading. He owns a lab on the outskirts of Toontown. His lab contained a deactivated robot (cog) that had a sign saying "Do Not Touch!".


  • His current whereabouts is unknown, as he was only mentioned but never seen in this video.
  • The robot that he created is rumored to be the Chairman.
  • He is the only mentioned chicken toon in Toontown.
  • He is an original Disney character who was later replaced as an inventor by the duck Ludwig von Drake.
  • He has a little robot helper with a light bulb as a head.
  • According to some trading cards, he invented the Portable Hole, the Trolley, and even the Name Generator.
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