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Common Knowledge

'Hackers' are players who use a special program to change the codes of their toon. Many of them use default codes that are available on many exploitation programs that are compatible with Toontown. Some, the most popular ones, use code crackers and change the codes manually to give an unique effect. The exploitation process is very complicated and difficult to describe. Most people who start out are often banned permanently from the game and are not able to practice their skills properly. The best of the best usually download a special version of Toontown, just for exploiting. This special version has no staff moderating the game and no other players as it is not multiplayer. Watch out for Hackers.If they "try" to be like one, just ignore them. They want Attention.


Freckleslam is one of the most famous exploiters on the game. He is NOT the most experienced exploiter. In fact he is probably one of the most harmless of all. A group of people made their own clones of him and went onto their toon at the same time, giving the effect that they were being exploited. This scare spread like wildfire among the community and has left the game with fakers and amateurs trying to impersonate him.

Other Exploiters

Some other amateur and intermediate exploiters have roamed the streets of Toontown. Some of them have made history and others have gone unnoticed
by everyone except the staff at Disney.

Some of these include:

  • Kiwi
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