Head Shrink
HeadShrink HeadHunter
General information
Target: One Toon
Weakest Damage: 10
Strongest Damage: 21
Signature Move: Yes
Bossbots: Head Hunter
Lawbots: None
Cashbots: None
Sellbots: None
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Head Shrink is the signature cog move of the Head Hunters.


  1. The Head Hunter will wiggle its fingers and sparks flying in an arc will hit the Toon.
  2. The Toon's head goes crazy in size, and the Toon keeps moving around.
  3. After the 'head racket', the Toon slides back into position and his/her head turns to normal. If the attack misses, the Toon jumps out of the way and the sparks disappear.


  • "Looks like you're seeing a shrink."
  • "Honey, I shrunk the toon."
  • "Hope this doesn't shrink your pride."
  • "Do you shrink in the wash?"
  • "I shrink therefore I am."
  • "It's nothing to lose your head over."
  • "Are you going out of your head?"
  • "Heads up! Or should I say, down."
  • "Objects may be larger than they appear."
  • "Good Toons come in small packages.'"


Head Hunter
Level 6 7 8 9 10
Damage 10 12 15 18 21
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