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High Dive
Level 7 Toon-Up Gag
High Dive.png
General information
Minimum Laff Heal: 210
Maximum Laff Heal: 210
Accuracy: Medium
Organic boost: 231 Laff Heal
Targets: All Toons
Minimum carry capacity: 1
Maximum carry capacity: 1
Experience points needed for a new gag: 500 to Go!
Preceded by:
Juggling Balls
Succeeded by:
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High Dive is the level seven Toon-Up gag and the final Toon-Up gag that a toon can obtain. It succeeds the Juggling Balls.


As the last gag in the Toon-Up gag track, a toon obtains the High Dive by obtaining a total of "10,000" Toon-Up skill points. Reaching the end will change the Toon-Up track meter into "500 to Go!". As with all Toon-Up gags, the High Dive has medium acccuracy.

The High Dive targets all toons. The maximum heal is "210" laff points to one toon, "105" to two toons, and "70" to three toons. Furthermore, if grown on a tree and is organic, the healing increases, totaling to "231" laff points.

In the event that the high dive misses, it will still restore either "42" or "46" laff points depending on its organic status, and the laff is distributed amongst the other toons. This will result in a restoration of "42" or "46" laff points for one toon, "21" or "23" laff points for two toons, and "14" or "15" laff points for three toons.

The maximum carry capacity is one. In order to obtain more High Dives, the toon must earn another "500" Toon-Up skill points. If the toon has earned "500" Toon-Up skill points, but a High Dive is already in possession, the meter will stay at "0 to Go!" until the High Dive is no longer is possession.

Skill points

As a level seven gag, the Toon-Up track meter will convert to a "500 to Go!" meter. With this meter, when the meter reaches "0 to Go!", the toon can earn another High Dive gag if not already in possession. If a High Dive is already in possession, the meter will stay at "0 to Go!" until it is used.


  1. A Glass of Water and a large ladder will sprout from the ground.
  2. The toon walks over to the ladder and starts climbing it. The ladder will also make a trilling sound as the toon climbs it.
  3. The toon dives into the glass of water, which will make the other toons cheer and laugh.

In other languages

Language Name
FR.png French Grande échelle
ES.png Spanish N/A
D.png German N/A
BRZ.png Brazilian Portuguese Mergulho Elevado
Japan.png Japanese けっしのダイブ


  • The High Dive is one of the three level 7 gags that does not require a trigger box to use, the other two being the Wedding Cake and Opera Singer.
  • The High Dive is the only gag to have 200+ points (without being organic).
  • The high dive gag consists of another gag: the Glass of Water.
  • The high dive is the only gag to include a toon effect which is Small toon.
  • Even though it is impossible to get over 200+ laff points in Toontown, this gag still heals over 200+ laff.