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High Dive
Level 7 Toon-Up Gag
High Dive
General information
Minimum Laff Heal: 210
Maximum Laff Heal: 210
Accuracy: Medium
Organic boost: 231 Laff Heal
Targets: All Toons
Minimum carry capacity: 1
Maximum carry capacity: 1
Experience points needed for a new gag: 500 To Go
Preceded by:
Juggling Cubes
Succeeded by:
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High Dive is the level seven Toon-Up gag and the final Toon-Up gag that a toon can obtain. A total of 10,000 Toon-Up experience points is required to obtain this gag.

The High Dive can heal a single toon up to 210 laff points. The healing will be divided if there are more Toons in battle.


High Dive


  1. A Glass of Water and a large ladder will sprout from the ground.
  2. The toon walks over to the ladder and starts climbing it. The ladder will also make a trilling sound as the toon climbs it.
  3. The toon dives into the glass of water, which will make the other toons cheer and laugh.


  • The High Dive is one of the three level 7 gags that does not require a trigger box to use, the other two being the Wedding Cake and Opera Singer.
  • The High Dive is the only gag to have 200+ points (without being organic).
  • The high dive gag consists of another gag: the Glass of Water.
  • The high dive is the only gag to include a toon effect which is Small Toon.
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