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|Toon-Up Gag Name = High Dive
|name = High Dive
|Gag Level = Level 7 Toon-Up
|lvl = 7
|image =
|track = Toon-Up
|laffheal# = 210
|image =
|Orglaff# = 231
|ldamage = 210
|targetedtoon = All Toons
|hdamage = 210
|expneeded = 500 to Go!
|organic = 231
|cancarrymax = 1
|target = All
|precede = [[Juggling Balls]]
|lcap = 1
|succeed = N/A
|hcap = 1
|Type = Advanced|icon = High Dive.png}}
|exp = [[500 To Go]]
|type = Advanced
|precede = [[Juggling Cubes]]
|succeed = None
'''High Dive''' is the [[Level 7 Gags|Level 7]] [[Toon-Up Gags|Toon-Up Gag]].
'''High Dive''' is the [[Level 7 Gags|Level 7]] [[Toon-Up Gags|Toon-Up Gag]].

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High Dive
Level 7 Toon-Up Gag
High Dive
General information
Minimum Laff Heal: 210
Maximum Laff Heal: 210
Accuracy: Medium
Organic boost: 231 Laff Heal
Targets: All Toons
Minimum carry capacity: 1
Maximum carry capacity: 1
Experience points needed for a new gag: 500 To Go
Preceded by:
Juggling Cubes
Succeeded by:
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High Dive is the Level 7 Toon-Up Gag.

As a Level 7 Gag, 10,000 Toon-up Skill Points are required to obtain this Gag. Upon doing so, a new skill point meter will appear as "500 to go!".

Being an All-Toon healing gag, this gag will be divided evenly, as to why it has 210 healing points.


  1. A Glass of Water and a large ladder will sprout from the ground.
  2. The Toon using High Dive walks over to the ladder and starts climbing it (The camera will always shift to a certain view while the Toon is climbing the ladder.)
  3. The Toon dives into the glass of water, which will make the other Toons cheer and laugh. The amount of laff it will give to the Toon will appear.


  • This is one of the three Level Seven Gags that does not require a trigger box to use the Gag (The others being the Wedding Cake and the Opera Singer)
  • It is an extremely advanced Gag, meaning it's very effective.
  • This is the only Gag to have 200+ points (without being an organic Gag).
  • Like every Toon-Up Gag, this Gag does no damage, it only heals.
  • This Gag consists of another Gag: the Glass of Water.
  • This gag is the only gag to incude a toon effect which is Small Toon.
  • There is a glitch in boss battles when a toon uses High Dive, that the camera will shift for both sides.
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