Honey Haha
Honey Haha
Physical description
Gender: Female
Species: Horse
Color: Lime Green
Building: The Laughin' Place
Street: Silly Street
Area: Toontown Central
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Honey Haha is a toon NPC horse who owns The Laughin' Place on Silly Street, Toontown Central.


Main article: ToonTask:Gag training (Toontown Central)ToonTask:+2 laff/Honey Haha

The player can first meet her for Gag training after Flippy sends the toon to her. She is randomly chosen between Franz Neckvein, Librarian Larry, and herself. She asks the player to choose between Toon-Up and Sound gags.

The player will meet her again if they have not done so already. She informs the player of the Cog Radar and wants the toon to defeat 8 level 2+ cogs in Toontown Central.

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