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Horse is a toon species. Unlike other toon species, the horse species can only be created if the player's account is a member, sharing this trait with the bear and monkey species.

When horses talk, they neigh. If a word not in the Toontown dictionary is used through the SpeedChat Plus option (assuming the player does not have the true friend option on), or other toons do not have SpeedChat Plus, the word will be "censored" by "brrr" or "neigh."

Head designs

Horses have four different head designs that can be used to create a toon through the Create-A-Toon process. They can be created in any color.

Notable horses

Melville, the host of the fishing tournaments.

Notable non-playable horses, other than those who give out ToonTasks, include: Melville, Professor Prepostera, and Bud Erfingerz.

For a full list, see Category:Horses.


One word
Two words
Multiple words

In other languages

Language Name
FR.png French Cheval
ES.png Spanish Caballo
D.png German Pferd
BRZ.png Brazilian Portuguese Cavalo
Japan.png Japanese


  • The ears of horses are actually long black rods in the Toontown models.[1]
  • In the Toon Elections of old days the horse was featured in an election video against the goats, in which the video showed a horse on a boat with a presidential song playing in the background.[Citation Needed »]
  • Horses quite resemble Horace Horsecollar, a Disney character.[2]
  • Horses are commonly mistaken to be donkeys by many. This may be because of the horses' ears, as a donkey's ears in real life are very long and tall, while a horse's are shorter and almost cat-like.


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