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A toon house

A house is the home of a toon. Houses can be found in a toon's estate. Each estate has six different colored houses, each corresponding to the color of the toon selection screen.


Each house is painted according to the color of the toon selection screen. Each house shows the ownership by displaying the toon's name above the door titled (name)'s House. A mailbox can be found at the front of a house.

Main article: Gardening

If a toon has purchased a gardening kit from Clarabelle's Cattlelog, flower pots, mounds, and a statue platform can be found outside.


Inside a toon's home, a home consists of two rooms with one window in each. A toon can find a wardrobe, a jellybean bank, and a phone.


Decorating Estate 1
Decorating Estate 2

Decorating UI

A toon can decorate their own home to anything they desire. All toon homes are already decorated with furniture. However, decorating must be purchased in the Cattlelog.

To decorate the house, a button can be found at the top left corner under the Speedchat buttons. The decorating user interface appears with the options to:

  • View items in the attic, the room, or in the trash
  • Move furniture or painting into the attic with the arrow
  • Zoom in and out with the magnifying option
  • The ability to move left or right to adjust the view of the room
  • A trash can to move items into the trash
  • To exit the user interface

While the user interface is open, the toon can select an item and move it around or store it in the attic. While an item is selected, the toon can rotate it or drag it around the house.

When an item is put into the trash can, the item will appear in the "Trash" section of the user interface. The item will be deleted overtime, and the oldest item will be deleted when the trash is full.

Types of furniture

There are several different types of furniture to decorate the house.

Miscellaneous items

Calling Clarabelle

Main article: Clarabelle's Cattlelog

Each house contains a phone in which a toon may call Clarabelle Cow to purchase items in the Cattlelog.

Jellybean bank

Jellybeans Bank

Jellybean Bank UI

Main article: Jellybean bank

Each house contains a jellybean bank that contains stored jellybeans. A toon can deposit or withdraw jellybeans from the bank.


Changing Clothes

Wardrobe UI

Main article: Wardrobe

Each house contains a wardrobe. A toon may change clothes purchased from the Cattlelog or obtained through the clothing store with the clothing ticket. A toon can also discard a clothing.

Accessory trunk

Main article: Accessory trunk

An accessory trunk can be purchased in the Cattlelog and placed in the house. A toon can wear or discard accessories. Only paid members may wear accessories.


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