Jellybean Jar

A jellybean jar with 70 jellybeans in it

A jellybean jar is what a toon uses to carry their jellybeans. When a toon earns jellybeans, they go in their jellybean jar. A toon starts with a jar that can hold 40 jellybeans.

A toon holding a jellybean jar

There are Toontasks in each neighborhood for a bigger jellybean jar:

  • Toontown Central - 50 jellybeans
  • Donald's Dock - 60 jellybeans
  • Daisy Gardens - 80 jellybeans
  • Minnie's Melodyland - 100 jellybeans
  • The Brrrgh - 120 jellybeans
  • Donald's Dreamland - 250 jellybeans

When a toon fills their jellybean jar, the extra jellybeans go to their jellybean bank.


  • Only on the Toontown test server, a jellybean jar could hold 12,000 jellybeans, and the Toontasks for a bigger jar have been removed.
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