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The VP in the air.

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This article is about a boss cog move. For more uses of "Jump", see Jump.

Jump is a cog move used by the Vice President in Sellbot Headquarters and the Chief Justice in Lawbot Headquarters. They jump into the air with a creaking sound and land back on the ground with a crash. Any toons standing on the ground when the boss lands will fall down and lose 10 laff points. It is normally the move that Toons in the VP and CJ battle, dread. Toons can avoid this attack by jumping, so they are not standing on the ground.


  • Because of all the noises produced in the courthouse battle, it is very hard to hear when the Chief Justice jumps. Therefore, a loud alarm will go off about two seconds before he jumps.
  • If the Vice President is stunned while jumping, he immediately appears on the ground and all toons on the ground will lose ten laff points. This is very common and it is likely a bug.
  • The CJ always says "You're all in contempt of court!" when he is about to jump.
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