A toon wearing a Lawbot cog suit

A Lawbot cog suit is a cog suit that a toon needs to access the Lawbot Courthouse. To get a Lawbot cog suit, toons need to have completed all prior Donald‘s dreamland tasks. An HQ Officer gives the toon a Toontask to visit Professor Flake to help him get temperature sensors from cogs in each streets. See ToonTask Guide/Cog Suit Parts for the full Toontask. A complete Lawbot cog suit has 14 parts. The minimum for the suits is the Level 1 Bottom Feeder and the maximum is Level 50 Big Wig.

To get a promotion for the Lawbot cog suit, toons need jury notices. To earn jury notices, toons need to defeat Lawbots. Each suit and cog level has a different amount of jury notices to earn. Once they collect enough jury notices, they can enter the Lawbot Courthouse and get a promotion from the Chief Justice. The Chief Justice realizes that the "cogs" are actually toons, and battles them. When the Chief Justice is defeated, the toons' Lawbot cog suits go up one level. Toons will also receive a reward for fighting the Chief Justice: Cog summons.


  • The Lawbot cog suit is the only cog suit that can be earned without having to go to a Cog headquarters.
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