Lawbots are one of the four types of cogs. Their headquarters, Lawbot Headquarters, is located off Polar Place, The Brrrgh. Their boss is the Chief Justice.

Insignia and Suit


Their insignia is represented by a gavel (a small mallet used by a judge during a court session). They wear blue suits with red bow ties, as well as the Lawbot symbol on their chest.


Master of both the frivolous lawsuit and the threatened legal action, Lawbots are cold-blooded machines with a thing for rules. They are found most often on Loopy Lane in Toontown Central and Maple Street in Daisy Gardens.

–Toontown Player's Guide

The Lawbots

Picture Name Low Level Max Level
Bottom Feeder ID Bottom Feeder 1 5
Bloodsucker Bloodsucker 2 6
Double Talker Double Talker 3 7
Ambulance Chaser Ambulance Chaser 4 8
Back Stabber Backstabber 5 9
Spin Doctor Spin Doctor 6 10
LegalEalgeInfoCard Legal Eagle 7 11
Big Wig Big Wig 8 12
Cjdefeated Chief Justice N/A N/A


Lawbots are generally spotted at Loopy Lane, Toontown Central, Maple Street, Daisy Gardens, or Polar Place, The Brrrgh. Locations with no Lawbots are excluded from the table.

Location Neighborhood Percentage
Silly Street Toontown Central 25%
Loopy Lane Toontown Central 70%
Punchline Place Toontown Central 10%
Barnacle Boulevard Donald's Dock 10%
Lighthouse Lane Donald's Dock 40%
Elm Street Daisy Gardens 20%
Maple Street Daisy Gardens 70%
Oak Street Daisy Gardens 5%
Tenor Terrace Minnie's Melodyland 50%
Sleet Street The Brrrgh 20%
Walrus Way The Brrrgh 10%
Polar Place The Brrrgh 85%
Lullaby Lane Donald's Dreamland 25%
Pajama Place Donald's Dreamland 5%
(Every Location) Lawbot Headquarters 100%

Trading Cards


  • Lawbots are the only cogs to wear bow ties. The others wear regular ties.
  • Lawbots are the only cogs without patterns on their suits.
  • In Operation: Storm Sellbot there was a doodle named Sparky who was outside of Lawbot HQ in a hole.
  • The Legal Eagle is one of the two cogs that are based on animals;the other being the Loan Shark, which is a Cashbot.
  • In one of the trailers for the game, it showed a Lawbot that resembled a Downsizer or Bean Counter but this cog is not in the game.


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