Legal Eagle
General information
Type: Lawbots
Lowest Level: 7
Highest Level: 11
Weakness: Storm Cloud
Preceded by:
Spin Doctor
Succeeded by:
Big Wig
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There is no limit to my talons.

–Legal Eagle

A Legal Eagle is the seventh cog on the corporate ladder of Lawbots. Their levels range from seven to eleven. They are a building-only cog, unless there is an invasion.


On June 28, 2013, Toons have discovered that Legal Eagles have made a deal with Glad Handers to perform mega cog invasions.[1] Their plot was to create a truce between the toons, only to be a trick to catch the toons off guard.[2]


Starting battle phrases

  • "I am going to give you legal nightmares."
  • "I call this a citizen's arrest."
  • "I'm bringing down the law on you!"
  • "Careful, my legal isn't very tender."
  • "You won't win this battle."
  • "Legally, you're too small to fight me."
  • "This is so much fun it should be illegal."
  • "I soar, then I score."
  • "You should know, I have some killer instincts."
  • "There is no limit to my talons."

Cog moves

Jargon lgeaglelawbldg
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Target: One toon
Signature: No
Level: 7 8 9 10 11
Damage: 7 9 11 13 15
Evil Eye
Legal eagleeyvileye
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Target: One toon
Signature: No
Level: 7 8 9 10 11
Damage: 10 11 13 15 16
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Target: One toon
Signature: Yes
Level: 7 8 9 10 11
Damage: 11 13 16 19 21
Pecking Order
Pecking order
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Target: One toon
Signature: Yes
Level: 7 8 9 10 11
Damage: 12 15 17 19 22

Cog suit promotion

Jury Notices
Levels: 7 8 9 10 11
Jury Notices required: 1,100 1,440 1,780 2,120 8,900

Trading card

Obey the Pecking Order

Dislikes: Toons, Bald Jokes

Likes: Crooked Judges, Fresh Fish


  • The Legal Eagle's weakness is the Storm Cloud because they detest being wet in the sky or getting hit by lightning.
  • Unlike most cogs, they are animal-based, along with the Loan Shark.
    • Coincidentally, they are both building-only Cogs and are both seventh on their respective corporate ladders.
  • Legal Eagles are one of the few cogs with different colored hands. The others are Spin Doctors, Bloodsuckers, The Big Cheeses, Cold Callers, Corporate Raiders, Short Changes, and Penny Pinchers.
  • The Legal Eagle's signature move, Pecking Order, has four birds in it. The formation the birds are in is completely random.
  • One of their attacks, Evil Eye, is not noted on their trading card.
  • One of their phrases when performing Legalese refers to Disney's Toontown Online, which is "breaking the fourth wall."
  • On their trading card, the Legal Eagle's hands are white instead of blue as so is its head, and his beak is yellow instead of brown.
  • Their phrase "A bird in my hand is worth ten on your head!" is a spoof of the phrase "A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush."
  • A Legal Eagle appears on the Hypno Goggles trading card along with a Cold Caller.
  • Their phrase "Birds of a feather strike together." is a spoof of the phrase "Birds of a feather flock together."
  • On the trading card, it shows the Legal Eagle banging his gavel loudly and violently as a cat Toon covers his ears.
  • The Legal Eagle is the weakest Level 7 cog in terms of maximum damage as other level 7 cogs (The Mingler, Loan Shark and Corporate Raider) can all do a maximum of 24 damage. Legal Eagles can only deal out 22 damage.
  • Legal Eagles had their own nearly complete field office in the game files, but was cut for unknown reasons.

Name of origin

A "Legal Eagle" is a slang term for lawyers in general.

In other languages

Language Name
FR French Avocageot
ES Spanish El picapleitos[3]
D German Prozessgeier[4]
BRZ Brazilian Portuguese Macaco velho [5]
Japan Japanese ホウノトリ [6] [7]



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