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Level 4 cogs are weak cogs in Toontown. They have 30 health points (ten more than the previous level) They are too powerful to naturally walk in the streets of Toontown Central, but they can be found in the streets of Donald's Dock, Daisy Gardens and Minnie's Melodyland, as well as Sellbot Headquarters. Also, some level four Sellbots can be found in the streets of Toontown Central if there are Field offices present.


Bossbots Lawbots Cashbots Sellbots
FlunkyTC.jpg BottomFeederTC.jpg ShortChangeTC.jpg ColdCallerTC.jpg
Flunky Bottom Feeder Short Change Cold Caller
PencilPusherTC.jpg BloodsuckerTC.jpg PennyPincherTC.jpg TelemarketerTC.jpg
Pencil Pusher Bloodsucker Penny Pincher Telemarketer
YesmanTC.jpg DoubleTalkerTC.jpg TightwadTC.jpg NameDropperTC.jpg
Yesman Double Talker Tightwad Name Dropper
MicromanagerTC.jpg AmbulanceChaserTC.jpg BeanCounterTC.jpg GladHanderTC.jpg
Micromanager Ambulance Chaser Bean Counter Glad Hander


A level four Glad Hander coming in to assist another Glad Hander. Odds of another cog joining another cog greatly increase if there are more toons.