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Level 7 cogs are medium-leveled cogs. They have 72 health points (16 more than the previous level). They are most commonly found in the streets of The Brrrgh and Donald's Dreamland, but they can be found in other playgrounds if a field office is present. Players usually encounter them in medium level cog buildings as well as the Sellbot Headquarters and Cashbot Headquarters.


Bossbots Lawbots Cashbots Sellbots
YesmanTC.jpg DoubleTalkerTC.jpg TightwadTC.jpg NameDropperTC.jpg
Yesman Double Talker Tightwad Name Dropper
MicromanagerTC.jpg AmbulanceChaserTC.jpg BeanCounterTC.jpg GladHanderTC.jpg
Micromanager Ambulance Chaser Bean Counter Glad Hander
DownsizerTC.jpg BackstabberTC.jpg NumberCruncherTC.jpg Mover&ShakerTC.jpg
Downsizer Back Stabber Number Cruncher Mover & Shaker
HeadHunterTC.jpg SpinDoctorTC.jpg MoneyBagsTC.png Two-FaceTC.jpg
Head Hunter Spin Doctor Money Bags Two-Face
CorporateRaiderTC.jpg LegalEagleTC.jpg LoanSharkTC.jpg TheMinglerTC.jpg
Corporate Raider Legal Eagle Loan Shark The Mingler


A Level 7 Money Bags in Cashbot HQ.