Level 9 cogs are somewhat powerful cogs in Toontown. They have 110 health points (20 more than the previous level) or 220 as a V2.0 cog. They are common in Cog headquarters, Donald's Dreamland, and Polar Place in The Brrrgh. This is the weakest type of cog found in the Chief Executive Officer battle and the most powerful type of cog found in the Sellbot factory that is the Factory foreman.


Bossbots Lawbots Cashbots Sellbots
DownsizerTC BackstabberTC NumberCruncherTC Mover&ShakerTC
Downsizer Back Stabber Number Cruncher Mover & Shaker
HeadHunterTC SpinDoctorTC MoneyBagsTC Two-FaceTC
Head Hunter Spin Doctor Money Bags Two-Face
CorporateRaiderTC LegalEagleTC LoanSharkTC TheMinglerTC
Corporate Raider Legal Eagle Loan Shark The Mingler
TheBigCheeseTC BigWigTC RobberBaronTC Mr.HollywoodTC
The Big Cheese Big Wig Robber Baron Mr. Hollywood


Downsizer v.20bbhqceo

A V2.0 cog in the first round of the CEO Battle.

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