Whew! I am tired from all this effort. I must rest now.

–Lil Oldman

Lil Oldman
Lil Oldman.jpg
Physical description
Gender: Male
Species: Rabbit
Color: Slate Blue
Building: The Blizzard Wizard
Street: Walrus Way
Area: The Brrrgh
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Lil Oldman is a toon NPC rabbit in The Blizzard Wizard on Walrus Way in The Brrrgh. He is the first and last toon to visit in The Brrrgh for the final gag training. He is notorious for his unusually long ToonTasks, one of them requiring toons to defeat twenty 4+ story cog buildings.


Main article: ToonTask:Final gag training (The Brrrgh)

Lil Oldman's ToonTask gives toons the choice to pick their last gag track.

SOS toon

Lil Oldman is also an SOS toon. He is a 5-star Lure SOS. When called upon, he will use Hypno Goggles to lure all cogs in battle. His lure will last up to 7 rounds.

If the toon that uses the SOS card does not have Lure, Lil Oldman's lure has a chance of only lasting 1 round instead of 7. [Citation Needed »]

Trading card

Lil oldman trading card front.pngLilOldmancardsplit.png
I'm the most popular Toon in Toontown. Why do you think Toons keep coming back to see me? I remember when I started this Blizzard Wizard business making sno-cone machines... no wait, I mean repairing icicles... no, that isn't what I do either. What do I do again? Sell snow globe polish? I can't remember! I think it's because I'm so hungry. Would you mind bringing me back a lumpy cheese? It'll only take a minute...


  • He is one of the members of Toon Council.
  • On the test server, his task to defeat twenty 4+ story cog buildings and recover wig powder were removed.
  • On his trading card, he appears to be eating stinky cheese while wearing glasses. Nearby him is a plate with a pink ice cream cone smushed onto it, a cup of caviar spilling over, and his talking frog.
  • Lil Oldman also wrote a "Talk of the Town" section about ToonTasks for the Toon News... for the Amused!.


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