This is a list of cog moves.

Cog move Target Performable by...
AuditOneBean Counter, Number Cruncher
BiteOneLoan Shark
Bounce CheckOneDouble Talker, Short Change, Penny Pincher, Tightwad
Brain StormOneMicromanager, Mover & Shaker
Buzz WordOneMicromanager, Double Talker, The Mingler
CalculateOneBean Counter, Number Cruncher
CannedOneDownsizer, Corporate Raider
ChompOneLoan Shark
Clip On TieOneFlunky, Short Change, Telemarketer
CrunchOneNumber Cruncher
Double TalkOneDouble Talker, Cold Caller, Telemarketer
Eviction NoticeOneBloodsucker
Evil EyeOneCorporate Raider, Legal Eagle, Two-Face
FilibusterOneGlad Hander
Fill With LeadOnePencil Pusher
Finger WagOnePencil Pusher, Micromanager, Back Stabber, Big Wig, Penny Pincher, Tightwad
Fountain PenOnePencil Pusher, Micromanager, Head Hunter, Glad Hander
Freeze AssetsOnePenny Pincher, Tightwad, Cold Caller
Glower PowerOneHead Hunter, The Big Cheese, Tightwad
Guilt TripAllBack Stabber
Half WindsorOneHead Hunter, Mover & Shaker
Hang UpOneAmbulance Chaser, Two-Face
Head ShrinkOneHead Hunter
Hot AirOneCold Caller
JargonOneDouble Talker, Legal Eagle
LegaleseOneLegal Eagle
LiquidateOneBloodsucker, Money Bags
Market CrashOneMoney Bags
Mumbo JumboOneDouble Talker
Paradigm ShiftAllSpin Doctor, The Mingler
Pecking OrderOneLegal Eagle
Pick PocketOneBottom Feeder, Short Change, Telemarketer, Name Dropper
Pink SlipOneDownsizer
Play HardballOneCorporate Raider, Loan Shark
Pound KeyOneFlunky, Cold Caller
Power TieOneCorporate Raider, Money Bags
Power TripAllBig Wig, Robber Baron, The Mingler, Mr. Hollywood
QuakeAllSpin Doctor, Mover & Shaker
Razzle DazzleOneYesman, Name Dropper, Two-Face, Mr. Hollywood
Red TapeOneBloodsucker, Ambulance Chaser, Two-Face
Restraining OrderOneBack Stabber
RolodexOneHead Hunter, Ambulance Chaser, Telemarketer, Name Dropper
Rub OutOnePencil Pusher
Rubber StampOneYesman, Bottom Feeder, Double Talker, Glad Hander
SchmoozeOneGlad Hander, The Mingler
ShakeAllAmbulance Chaser, Mover & Shaker
ShredOneFlunky, Bottom Feeder
SpinOneSpin Doctor
SynergyAllYesman, Name Dropper
TabulateOneBean Counter, Number Cruncher
Tee OffOneYesman, The Big Cheese, Robber Baron, The Mingler
TremorAllMover & Shaker
WatercoolerOneBottom Feeder, Short Change
Write OffOnePencil Pusher, Spin Doctor, Bean Counter, Loan Shark
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