This is a list of cog moves.

Cog move Target Performable by...
Audit One Bean Counter, Number Cruncher
Bite One Loan Shark
Bounce Check One Double Talker, Short Change, Penny Pincher, Tightwad
Brain Storm One Micromanager, Mover & Shaker
Buzz Word One Micromanager, Double Talker, The Mingler
Calculate One Bean Counter, Number Cruncher
Canned One Downsizer, Corporate Raider
Chomp One Loan Shark
Clip On Tie One Flunky, Short Change, Telemarketer
Crunch One Number Cruncher
Demotion One Micromanager
Double Talk One Double Talker, Cold Caller, Telemarketer
Downsize One Downsizer
Eviction Notice One Bloodsucker
Evil Eye One Corporate Raider, Legal Eagle, Two-Face
Filibuster One Glad Hander
Fill With Lead One Pencil Pusher
Finger Wag One Pencil Pusher, Micromanager, Back Stabber, Big Wig, Penny Pincher, Tightwad
Fired One Tightwad
Fountain Pen One Pencil Pusher, Micromanager, Head Hunter, Glad Hander
Freeze Assets One Penny Pincher, Tightwad, Cold Caller
Glower Power One Head Hunter, The Big Cheese, Tightwad
Guilt Trip All Back Stabber
Half Windsor One Head Hunter, Mover & Shaker
Hang Up One Ambulance Chaser, Two-Face
Head Shrink One Head Hunter
Hot Air One Cold Caller
Jargon One Double Talker, Legal Eagle
Legalese One Legal Eagle
Liquidate One Bloodsucker, Money Bags
Market Crash One Money Bags
Mumbo Jumbo One Double Talker
Paradigm Shift All Spin Doctor, The Mingler
Pecking Order One Legal Eagle
Pick Pocket One Bottom Feeder, Short Change, Telemarketer, Name Dropper
Pink Slip One Downsizer
Play Hardball One Corporate Raider, Loan Shark
Pound Key One Flunky, Cold Caller
Power Tie One Corporate Raider, Money Bags
Power Trip All Big Wig, Robber Baron, The Mingler, Mr. Hollywood
Quake All Spin Doctor, Mover & Shaker
Razzle Dazzle One Yesman, Name Dropper, Two-Face, Mr. Hollywood
Red Tape One Bloodsucker, Ambulance Chaser, Two-Face
Restraining Order One Back Stabber
Rolodex One Head Hunter, Ambulance Chaser, Telemarketer, Name Dropper
Rub Out One Pencil Pusher
Rubber Stamp One Yesman, Bottom Feeder, Double Talker, Glad Hander
Sacked One Downsizer
Schmooze One Glad Hander, The Mingler
Shake All Ambulance Chaser, Mover & Shaker
Shred One Flunky, Bottom Feeder
Spin One Spin Doctor
Synergy All Yesman, Name Dropper
Tabulate One Bean Counter, Number Cruncher
Tee Off One Yesman, The Big Cheese, Robber Baron, The Mingler
Tremor All Mover & Shaker
Watercooler One Bottom Feeder, Short Change
Withdrawal One Bloodsucker
Write Off One Pencil Pusher, Spin Doctor, Bean Counter, Loan Shark
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