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Lullaby Lane
Lullaby Lane Tunnel.jpg
Sleepwalk through this street at your own risk!
Donald's Dreamland
Goes to:
Tenor Terrace
General information
Minimum cog level: 6
Maximum cog level: 9
Max building floors: 5 floors
Building cog level: 12
Cog type rarity
25% 25% 25% 25%
Lullaby Lane.png
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Lullaby Lane is a street connected to Donald's Dreamland. This street will lead to Tenor Terrace, Minnie's Melodyland.

It is perfectly split between all different types of cogs.

The fisherman at this street's fishing hole is Fisherman Taylor.

Cogs will range from levels 6-9, making it a dangerous street for untrained toons.

If a field office is present, level 10 Sellbots can be seen patrolling the streets.


  1. For Richer or Snorer (Susan Siesta)
  2. Snore or Less (Bertha Bedhog)
  3. Make Your Bed! Hardware Store (Hardy O'Toole)
  4. Crack Of Dawn Repairs (Charlie Chamberpot)
  5. The All Tucked Inn (Tabby Tucker)
  6. Pillow Fights Nightly (Wyda Wake)
  7. Shut-Eye Optometry (Dr. Bleary)
  8. Sawing Wood Slumber Lumber (Sweet Slumber)
  9. Dreamland Sleeping Dogs Diner
  10. House of Hibernation (Teddy Blair)
  11. Mind Over Mattress (Serena Shortsheeter)
  12. Insomniac Insurance (Puffy Ayes)
  13. Cat Nap Pluto
  14. Down Time Watch Repair (Sarah Slumber)
  15. Rock to Sleep Quarry (Rocco)
  16. Call It a Day Calendars (Afta Hours)
  17. The Sleepy Teepee (Dances with Sheep)
  18. Dreamland Blue Moon Cafe
  19. Curl Up Beauty Parlor (Smudgy Mascara)
  20. Sleepy Time Pieces (Jacques Clock)
  21. Dreamland Bleary-Eyed Bistro
  22. Relax to the Max (Max)
  23. PJ's Taxi Service (P.J.)
  24. Lights Out Electric Co. (Powers Erge)
  25. Clock Cleaners
  26. Deep Sleep For Cheap! (Professor Yawn)
  27. Cat Nip For Cat Naps (Kathy Nip)
  28. Big Mama's Bahama Pajamas (Big Mama)
  29. Ed's Red Bed Spreads (Ed)
  30. 40 Winks For the Price of Twenty! (Winky Wilbur)
  31. Snuggle Inn (Snuggles)
  32. Cloud Nine Design: The Sky's the Limit! (Dreamy Daphne)
  33. Crib Notes - Music to Sleep By (Lullaby Lou)
  34. Bed Time Stories (Babyface MacDougal)
  35. Silver Lining Jewelers (Starry Knight)
  36. Nightstand Furniture Company (Nina Nitelight)


  • This is one of two streets in Toontown that has an equal percentage of all four cog types (the other being Silly Street).

In other languages

Language Name
FR.png French Boulevard de la Berceuse
ES.png Spanish Avenida de La Nana
D.png German Schlafliedgasse[1]
BRZ.png Brazilian Portuguese
Japan.png Japanese ララバイ・ストリート