Maple Street
Maple Street Tunnel
The shops here are sweet as can be.
Daisy Gardens
Goes to:
Seaweed Street
General information
Minimum cog level: 3
Maximum cog level: 6
Max building floors: 4 floors
Building cog level: 9
Cog type rarity
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10% 70% 0% 20%
Maple Street
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Maple Street is a street in Daisy Gardens. This street leads to Seaweed Street in Donald's Dock.

The fisherman at this street's fishing hole is Fisherman Lily.


  1. Bert's Dirt (Bert)
  2. Barley, Hops, and Malt Shop (Begonia Biddlesmore)
  3. Gopher Broke Savings & Loan (Digger Mudhands)
  4. From Start to Spinach Salad Bar (Big Galoot)
  5. Jake's Rakes (Jake)
  6. Photo Cynthia's Camera Store (Cynthia)
  7. Lisa Lemon Used Cars (Lisa)
  8. 14-Carrot Jewelers (Tammy Tuber)
  9. The Musical Fruit Diner (Stinky Jim)
  10. Poison Oak Furniture (Itchie Bumps)
  11. We'd Be Gone Travel Agency (Greg Greenethumb)
  12. Tuft Guy Gym (Lars Bicep)
  13. Astroturf Mowers (Rocky Raspberry)
  14. Garden Hosiery (Lacy Underalls)
  15. Silly Statues (Pink Flamingo)
  16. Trowels and Tribulations Bookstore (Whiny Wilma)
  17. Spring Rain Seltzer Bottles (Wet Will)
  18. Hayseed News (Uncle Bumpkin)
  19. Take It or Leaf It Pawn Shop (Pamela Puddle)
  20. The Squirting Flower (Sofie Squirt)
  21. The Dandy Lion Exotic Pets (Dan D. Lion)
  22. Trellis the Truth! Private Investigators (Samantha Spade)
  23. Vine and Dandy Menswear (Vine Green)
  24. Root 66 Diner (Pete Moss)


  • It is one of the few streets in Toontown that does not have an alliterative name.
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