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Template:TrapGag Marbles is the level 3 Trap Gag.


  1. The Toon using the Marbles pulls out the Marbles in their right hand, and tosses it near the targeted Cog.
  2. When a Toon uses a Lure Gag on the Cog with the Marbles, the Cog with automatically slip on the Marbles, falling to the ground on their back.
  3. The Cog will slowly get back up by using its hands, and will either be destroyed or return back to normal.


  • The Marbles do not change their shadow no matter what area it is in.
  • The Marbles are the last trap gag to cause a cog to trip, and the only one along with the Banana Peel.
  • The Marbles's image when choosing it in battle shows the Marbles in a sack. However, the sack is not seen in the animation when the Gag is being used.
  • There are 6 marbles used in this Gag (They come in colors Red, Yellow, Violet, Dark Blue, Light Blue, and Pink).
  • As a Trap Gag, this Gag will not recieve a Lure Bonus for hitting a Cog (Along with Sound Gags)
  • This Gag is capable of destroying a Level Four Cog.
  • It is a medium trap gag. Meaning it's not to weak and it's not too strong.
  • Some Toons are looked down on when they use this gag.

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