Template:ToonUpGagThe Megaphone is the second gag in the toon up gag track. Its max unorganic healing points is 18 (+1 Organic.) (No lure power-up.) It is a level 2 healing gag that affects all toons.


1. Megaphone is taken out from right pocket. &nbsp 2. Toon says joke through megaphone (e.g. "Why did the chicken cross the road?") 3. Other toons are healed.


  • This gag does not have perfect damage accuracy - it is very little used due to the fact that it is very unreliable and mostly only hits 2s.
  • Nobody respects anyone that uses a megaphone (unless you're in TTC.)
  • It is a beginner gag. Meaning it is weak.
  • This is the only toontown gag where the user speaks.
  • Most Toons are looked down on when they use this gag.

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