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Minnie's Melodyland
Minnies Melodyland.png
Basic information
Playground owner: Minnie Mouse
Treasure: Music note
Connecting locations
Alto AvenueLoopy Lane, Toontown Central
Baritone BoulevardSleet Street, The Brrrgh
Tenor TerraceLullaby Lane, Donald's Dreamland
Population: ?? toons
Number of buildings: ??
Number of streets: 3
Cog information
Minimum level: 2
Maximum level: 6 (7*)
Maximum building stories: 4 floors
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Minnie's Melodyland, often abbreviated as MML or MM, is a musical neighborhood located north of Toontown Central.


Minnie's Melodyland is designed to look like a music wonderland, with trumpets, pianos, and musical notes scattered throughout the neighborhood. The color scheme of the neighborhood revolves around pink and yellow. Shopkeepers and toon buildings are named from puns of any sort of musical idea, such as composers and instruments. Music notes are the treasures of this neighborhood, healing 10 laff points. The playground owner is Minnie Mouse.

The playground is circle in shape. The gag shop, pet shop, clothing shop, party gate, and street tunnels are located above. The fishing pond and Toon HQ are situated below. Behind the Toon HQ is the place-of-interest drum platforms, piano key walkway, and trumpet wall decorations.


Main article: ToonTask Guide/Minnie's Melodyland

Once a toon completes the ToonTasks in Daisy Gardens, he/she will move on to Minnie's Melodyland. Minnie's Melodyland offers a new gag track, Trap, to train, and the return of either Toon-Up or Sound gag tracks, whichever was not chosen in Toontown Central.


Minnie's Melodyland has three streets: Alto Avenue that leads to Toontown Central; Baritone Boulevard that leads to The Brrrgh; and Tenor Terrace that leads to Donald's Dreamland.

Cogs range from level level two to six. If a field office is present, level seven Sellbots can be seen patrolling the streets.

Street Cog type
Bossbot icon.png Lawbot icon.png Cashbot icon.png Sellbot icon.png
Alto Avenue 0% 0% 50% 50%
Baritone Boulevard 0% 0% 90% 10%
Tenor Terrace 50% 50% 0% 0%

Trading card

Post card
MML Card.jpgMinniesmelodylandcardsplit.png
A Mellodious Hellodious to you! I'm having a great time here at Minnie's Giant Jukebox Dance Party in Melodyland! I've got two left feet, but the "Match Minnie" school can teach anyone to dance. Watch your step, though - I danced too fast, and fell right on my double bassoon!

Minnie always says "You have to C-sharp or you'll B-flat!" Anything goes here in Melodyland - want to sing with a friend? Don't be shy, "just duet!"

Yours Truly,

Claire Annette


  • Prior to the addition of fishing, a merry-go-round was present on the center of the playground, to where the fishing pond now stands.
    • Despite removal of the merry-go-round, it can still be seen on the map.
  • The jukeboxes around Minnie's Melodyland used to play music when a toon ran into one. This feature was taken away once fishing became a feature.[Citation Needed »]
  • This is the only playground where the fisherman is a horse.
  • The piano is the most seen instrument in Minnie's Melodyland, which is the level 6 Drop gag.
  • Alto Avenue is the only street in Toontown with "avenue" in its name.
  • This is the only playground with a connecting street to Donald's Dreamland, that being Tenor Terrace.
  • Minnie often refers this playground as "Tune Town".
  • The shoes that the green mouse on the trading card is wearing bears resemblance to the Black Fancy Shoes or Jolly Boots.
    • However, boy toons cannot wear black fancy shoes.

In other languages

Language Name
FR.png French Le Pays Musical de Minnie
ES.png Spanish Melodilandia de Minnie
D.png German Minnies Melodienland[1]
BRZ.png Brazilian Portuguese Melodilânida da Minnie
Japan.png Japanese ミニーのメロディーランド [2]


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