Name tag
Nametag Cattlelog
Type: Nametag
Normal cost: 500 jellybeans
Back order: 600 jellybeans
Giftable: No
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A name tag is an object floating above a toon's head with the toon's name on it. The player's and their true friends' name tags appear in a blue font. Other toons' name tags appear in a green font. NPC toons' name tags are orange.

All toons without a paid membership have the "Basic" name tag. Paid members have a "Member" name tag. Name tag fonts can be purchased in Clarabelle's Cattlelog; once purchased, the previous name tag is automatically replaced with the new one.

Name tags


  • Name tags appeared in orange before an update a few years ago.[Citation Needed »]
  • If a player checks a toon's gag statistics while that toon is speaking, the text turns into the font which their name tag is written in.
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