No color is a temporary toon effect, which is a reward for completing certain "Just For Fun!" toontasks. It makes the toon turn white, except for a few features on the toon's clothing/accessories. This effect does not work in Toontown Central.

Polar toon

There is an effect that is similar to no color called Polar Toon. This effect can be earned by saying "Howdy!" (from the SpeedChat menu) to Paula Behr in Hibernation Vacations. Unlike no color, this effect makes you big and white, and only works in The Brrrgh. It lasts for one hour, it also removes any just for fun toontask effect to replace it with polar toon.


  • The effect of no color also affects certain gags, such as the button used to activate the gags.


Toon Effects
Toon Effects Big headBig legsBig toonFlat portraitFlat profileInvisibleNo colorSmall headSmall legsSmall toonTransparent
Special Green toonPumpkin headSnowman head
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