Bean fest

A jellybean fest in Donald's Dreamland.

Nutty River is a district in the Toontown world. Due to the popularity of Nutty River, the server lags and sometimes resets.

In the middle of the playground in Donald's Dreamland is a huge gathering of toons, similar to those of in Toon Valley, except here they use jellybean Unite! phrases.

Usually, the district is so crowded that the only way to enter it is to teleport to a toon already in the district. The only time you can get in is late at night or in the early morning, but it rarely happens.
Nutty river quiet

Nutty River on the Districts page of the Shticker Book when it's quiet.


  • The district Loonyville once filled the niche Nutty River does currently. Something caused Loonyville to reset, resulting in a mass migration to Nutty River, after which Loonyville became one of the most quiet districts. Loonyville does not exist anymore, following a project where many districts were closed.
  • Nutty River, being the most popular district, is often subject to hacker attacks. The district is reset multiple times a day as a result of persons not given authority by Disney to do so.
  • This district is considered the best district in terms of getting gag experience from Cog Boss battles and Cog Facilities because of the frequent invasions that occur.
  • There are almost always a large crowd of toons in the middle of Donald's Dreamland, usually parking for entering the district later or seeking Jellybeans as many toons use Unites there.
  • The main reason for Nutty River being so crowded all the time is the use of Taxi Toons, toons that usually use an auto-clicker for their mouse to keep either their own toon or a F2P toon in the district for them to later access Nutty River. Most taxis are not seen due to the fact that they either use a glitch in the game to "park" outside the map or their estate for similar effect, causing the appearance of not having many toons, making most wonder how Nutty River can be so full.

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