Oak Street
Oak Street Tunnel
Knot a through street -- unless you are heading to Sellbot HQ.
Daisy Gardens
Goes to:
Sellbot Headquarters
General information
Minimum cog level: 3
Maximum cog level: 6
Max building floors: 4 floors
Building cog level: 9
Cog type rarity
Bossbot icon
Lawbot icon
Cashbot icon
Sellbot icon
5% 5% 5% 85%
Oak Street
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Oak Street is a street in Daisy Gardens. It comes from the playground, leading to Sellbot Headquarters.

The fisherman at this street's fishing hole is Fisherman Rose.


  1. The Salad Bar (Caesar)
  2. Just Vase It Flower Arrangements (Crystal)
  3. Flower Bed and Breakfast (Rose)
  4. April's Showers and Tubs (April)
  5. Grass Roots Campaign Headquarters (Timothy)
  6. Apples and Oranges Debate Society (Judge McIntosh)
  7. Dirt. Cheap (Uncle Mud)
  8. Honeydew This! Honeydew That! (Naggy Nell)
  9. Lettuce Inn (Ro Maine)
  10. Ant Farming Supplies (Aunt Hill)
  11. School of Vine Arts (Professor Ivy)
  12. Couch Potato Furniture (Uncle Spud)
  13. Fungi Clown School (Fun Gus)
  14. Spill the Beans Detective Agency (Detective Lima)
  15. Green Bean Jeans (Eugene)
  16. Squash & Stretch Gym (Coach Zucchini)
  17. Snail Mail (S. Cargo)


  • It is one of the few streets in Toontown that does not have an alliterative name.
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