Old Toontown is not an actual subject, meaning it is not in the actual version of Toontown and/or was scrapped.
Old Toontown, also known as Toontown Beta, is a term used for the state of Toontown Online before Cog headquarters and features such as fishing were added. Slowly, the Cogs and Cog Headquarters were created, which all lead up to today's Toontown Online.

Old Features

  • Donald wore his normal sailor suit instead of his pajamas in Donald's Dreamland, and was not sleepwalking.
  • There was a merry-go-round with the Toon HQ in the center of the Minnie's Melodyland playground, later replaced by a fishing pond.
  • Before Toon Headquarters was released, there was an igloo in the The Brrrgh playground, where the Toon HQ is now, and a tuba in the center of the merry-go-round in Minnie's Melodyland, where the Toon HQ was before the merry-go-round was removed.
  • The Toontown Central playground was a circle, and was much smaller. It was changed to the shape of Mickey's head in Toontown Beta 2.
  • Goofy was in Daisy Gardens until gardening and racing came out.
  • There was a 3-day free trial instead of being free up to Donald's Dock.
  • Polar Place, Pajama Place, and Oak Street were not originally in Toontown.
  • In 2003, Cog headquarters, Cog invasions and jumping were released.
  • Toons started with Throw, Squirt, and Drop until an update in 2003. This allowed toons to get every gag track.
  • Disney used to send newsletters in real life, until an update in 2010 added Toon News... for the Amused! to Toontown, and that replaced the newsletters.
  • Toons had orange name tags. They were changed to green in 2007.
  • You could see the Trading cards on the old Toontown website.
  • There was going to be one Cog HQ with many factories for each suit part. For example, you would get Lawbot hand parts from the Lawbot Hand Factory, or Bossbot arm parts from the Bossbot Arm Factory.
  • When a Toon was defeated, some text appeared at the top of the screen saying "(toon's name) is defeated!"
  • There were no monkey, bear, or pig toons.
  • There was a glitch that allowed toons to have colored gloves, but anyone who used this glitch got their account terminated.
  • In Create-A-Toon, toons were able to pick any clothing they wanted, instead of plain t-shirts, shorts, and skirts. Now, they must buy these in the catalog or in clothing stores.
  • In Toontown Beta 1, there were no Toon Headquarters, Toontasks, or Shticker Books.
  • Before the 2006 update, there were no Level 7 gags, instead, toons can go up to 9999 skill points.
  • The cover of the Shticker Book looked slightly different than it does now.
  • The Laff Meters also had a slightly different design.
  • In Create-A-Toon, before you got to the clothing options, your toon was naked until they were at the clothing stage of Create-A-Toon. Naked monkeys can still be seen on the Series #7 Cattlelog cover. Toons were also guided by either Mickey Mouse or Minnie Mouse throughout the Create-A-Toon process depending on the gender. Example: Males were guided by Mickey. During the newer Create-A-Toon, if you picked to go to the Toontorial you were either led by Minnie or Mickey, as proof as the older Create-A-Toon.
  • The Cogs originally had no lights.
  • The Cogs were originally not labeled Bossbot, Lawbot, Cashbot, or Sellbot, here's an example: Ambulance Chaser - Level 6[1]
  • Before Toontown was in beta, Cogs were called "Suits".
  • The chatting system had a different design.
  • There were clocks above the elevators in Cog Buildings.
  • Suggestions to a different type of shirt that included actual suspenders.
  • Toon Laff only went up to 100.
  • At some time period, when Toons would enter the Senior VP Sellbot battle, they would lose parts of their Sellbot Cog disguise regardless of whether they won the battle or not. This was changed later on so that Toons always keep their suit parts no matter if they won or lost the battle.[2]

Old Events

There have also been events that happened in Old Toontown.

  • Tour Toontown Week - An event that allowed non-members membership for a weekend.
  • Doodles - On Old Toontown, there were not any doodles until Flippy lost his, then the doodle came back with millions of others.





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