Opera Singer
Level 7 Sound Gag
Opera Singer
General information
Minimum Damage: 90
Maximum Damage: 90
Accuracy: High
Organic boost: 99 Damage
Targets: All Cogs
Minimum carry capacity: 1
Maximum carry capacity: 1
Experience points needed for a new gag: 500 To Go
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Opera Singer is the level seven Sound gag. It is capable of destroying cogs up to level 8 in one hit.

To obtain this gag, the Sound gag track will require 10,000 experience points. After earning 10,000 experience points, the Sound gag track meter will change to "500 to go", indicating that earning 500 Sound experience points will reward the toon another opera singer (if not already carried).




  1. The toon will pull out a megaphone, and the head of a female Opera Singer will appear from the end.
  2. The toon will "pull" the megaphone back (as if taking a large breath) and bring it forward to the targeted cogs.
  3. The Opera Singer sound effect is heard as sound waves emit from the toon using the gag.
  4. A sound effect similar to glass shattering is also heard, as white triangles spread out on the cogs' heads (suggesting that something inside their head has broke), and they appear stunned for a few seconds.
  5. The cogs will either return back to normal or be destroyed.


  • If the toon using the opera singer has No Color, the head of the Opera Singer will be white.
  • This gag is the only offensive level 7 gag that does not have the capability to destroy a level 11 cog alone, even if it is organic.
    • Even when organic, this gag will only destroy a level 8 cog.
    • The Opera Singer is the only level seven gag that does damage under 100.
    • Even if organic, it is still weaker than any other non-organic level 7 gag.
  • Sometimes, the shattering of glass will be heard even before the opera singer starts to sing. This is a reference to an opera singers ability to shatter glass with her voice alone.
  • Surprisingly, the opera singer is louder than a foghorn, whereas in the real world, the foghorn is used to call other ships who are lost in the fog and which is obviously louder than an opera singer.
  • The Opera Singer appears to be some sort of Viking type of Toon with blonde braids and other Viking features about her, perhaps some clothing items appearing in the future.
  • Without bonus damage, using two Opera Singers (one organic) and a Bugle is enough to defeat four level 12 cogs.
  • Opera Singer is the only sound gag that can turn a level 12 cog's light orange in one hit.


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