Operation Storm Sellbot

Toons wearing Sellbot Rental Suits

Operation: Storm Sellbot was an event that occured on August 25th, 2010 and ended on September 21st, 2010. The event took place in Sellbot Headquarters.


The operation occurred when doodles escaped from the pet shop in Daisy Gardens. The first doodle to chew up the cables was Sparky. Sparky decided to escape the pet shop and went to Sellbot Headquarters and chewed the wires that lead to Sellbot Towers. That caused the power to go down below the normal level. This also affected the Vice President. It could not create cogs higher than level 5, and his attacks took less laff points from toons.

The security system on Sellbot Towers was broken, so any toon could enter the elevator. The Toon Resistance made "rental" cog disguises for everyone who did not have a cog disguise. Toons could also enter if they did not have enough merits. If a toon did not have enough merits, they would not get promoted. Non-members joined, too. If a toon was a Mr. Hollywood Level 50 and ran out of membership, during this event, they would be a Cold Caller Level 50.


During Operation: Storm Sellbot HQ, Toons with Sellbot suits could earn t-shirts if they helped a certain amount of rental Toons defeat the VP. Also, at the end of Operation: Storm Sellbot HQ, everyone received a jellybean bank upgrade, allowing Toon's jellybean banks to hold up to 12,000 jellybeans.



A pet shop clerk feeding Sparky jellybeans.

Sparky is an orange doodle who started this special event, and he was found next to Lawbot Headquarters inside a hole. Not much else is known about him other than the fact that he escaped from the pet shop in Daisy Gardens and chewed on some wires. This started Operation: Storm Sellbot HQ.

Sellbot invasions

A few months later, Sellbots invaded Toontown for a few weeks just to get revenge on the toons for what the doodles had done to Sellbot Towers. Mover & Shakers were stealing "jokes" and were rewarded by gaining power over the field offices.

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