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Organic gags are more powerful gags. In order to have the organic status, a toon must buy a gardening kit from Clarabelle's Cattlelog. After buying the kit, the toon must plant gags in the mounds that appear around the toon's house. They must wait for the gag trees to fully grow and obtain the Organic Status.

Note: In order to obtain the organic status after the gag tree has fully grown, toons must enter their estate by clicking the "Go Home" button (located in the Map page in the Shticker Book). Also, the gag tree must not wilt or the process of growth will stop until the next day.


After the gag tree has fully grown, the planted gag will earn a bonus damage (or bonus Toon-Up if it is a Toon-Up gag or increased accuracy if it is a Lure gag). The amount of bonus the gag gets depends on the damage the gag currently has. Here shows some of the benefits of individual organic gags.

Extra Damage

In order to calculate how much damage that the organic status grants to a gag, one must use the equation where x is the gag's original amount of damage and the brackets calculate the largest previous integer:

Another way is to remove the ones digit in the original damage and add it to the original damage. For example, a gag that does 50 damage would get 5 extra damage points, making 50 + 5 or 55; a gag that does 180 damage would get 18 extra damage points, making it 180 + 18 or 198.

Here is a chart of gag damage bonuses:

Gag Damage Bonus Earned Gag Damage Bonus Earned
3-19 +1 110-119 +11
20-29 +2 120-129 +12
30-39 +3 130-139 +13
40-49 +4 140-149 +14
50-59 +5 150-159 +15
60-69 +6 160-169 +16
70-79 +7 170-179 +17
80-89 +8 180-189 +18
90-99 +9 190-198 +19
100-109 +10 210 +21

This chart shows all the gags' organic damage, with the exception of Lure gags, that show how many rounds the cogs will be lured, and Toon-up gags, that show how much Laff will be given.

Gags Organic.jpg


Below is a list of some benefits from using organic gags.


  • Objects on the street such as trash cans do not affect organic gags.

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