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This article is about a party item. For more uses of "Cannons", see Cannons.

Party Cannons are a party item costing 50 jellybeans each.

A party cannon.

How to Rent

Go over to a Party Gate and ask a party planner to plan a party, scroll down until you see cannons (you'll need at least 150 jellybeans to do this as you need 100 for a Party Clock (which is required)).

Parties with Cannons

Go over to the Party Gate and walk toward the stairs. There will be a complete list of parties; click on the party's name (the same as the host's) and click on the green up/down arrows. If it lists them, they're there, below the icon lists how many there are.


Walk up to the cannon. If there is no toon inside the cannon, your toon will enter it.. Once inside you can click the arrows or hit the arrow keys on your computer (much like cannon game) hit the space bar or click the fire button to launch (again, much like cannon game). Where the similarities end however are the fact you can "steer" once in the air; this is great because you need to steer to hit as many clouds as possible. Every time you hit something other than the ground, you bounce in a certain direction. When you hit the ground, the game will end, and you will receive jellybeans based on the number of clouds that you hit.


  • If you are about to land and are directly over fireworks or Cog-O-War you will spin in a cartoon-fashion and land just outside the attraction.
  • While you're flying, if you go out of bounds you will bounce the opposite direction. If a toon gets too high, they will instead be stunned with no control until they land.
  • Sometimes, while using the cannons the server will glitch causing your (or someone else's) Toon's head to be visible long after you're done along with whatever you were saying at the time. This glitch works only with a relatively slow connection and a full party.
  • The clouds you hit will change into your Toon's color (or in the case of multi-colored Toons, his/her head's color).
  • 3 jellybeans are earned for each cloud hit.