Pet shop

The Toontown Central pet shop

The pet shop is a store located in playgrounds where you can adopt doodles and sell fish.

The exterior design resembles a fire hydrant. There is a bone-shaped logo with "Pet Shop" written on it. The top is designed as a fish bowl with large fish swimming within it. Also, on each side, there are windows displaying photos of doodles.

Inside, it is shaped like a large circle, not including the clerks' desk. On the shelves, fish-bowls and water bowls are stacked on top of each other, while several snapshots of doodles hang high upon the walls. Behind the clerks are two large goldfish who swim around in their fish tank.

Doodle prices and dependabilities depend on the playground. Donald's Dreamland has very expensive but reliable doodles when doing tricks. Their doodles range from 3500-4998 jellybeans. In Toontown Central, however, doodles almost never respond to tricks but are very cheap, only being about 200 jellybeans.


Tt all six doodles shops


  • The pet shop was released when Flippy, the mayor of Toontown, lost his doodle named Fluffy. Shortly after he lost him, Fluffy reappeared with several doodles behind him. "Fluffy's back, and he's brought some friends!" Flippy announced. Shortly after, pet shops arrived.
  • Doodles in different playgrounds resemble each other, although they are slightly different due to some stripes, spots, and other markings are visible to make them unique.
  • They are the only shops with three clerks.

In other languages

Language Name
FR French Animalerie [1]
ES Spanish ???
D German Tierhandlung
BRZ Brazilian Portuguese Loja de Animais[2]
Japan Japanese ペットショップ



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