VP Pie

The VP getting attacked by the Pies.

The Pie is the gag that Toons use to fight the Vice President. It can be obtained by jumping up and touching the cage the SOS Toon is trapped in. Unlike its real gag counterpart, this pie can be used as many times as a Toon wants. It has to be aimed (unlike other gags) and when a toon holds down the Insert or Delete key, the power meter will do up and down. When they release the key, the pie will fly forward the distance depending on how much power it had. The higher the power meter, the higher the pie will fly, the lower the meter, the straighter it will shoot. If the pie hits the Vice President correctly in the head or chest, the splat is yellow, if it hits incorrectly, the splat will be white. The pies must be used to hit the Vice President in his undercarriage to stun him, and throw him back to make him fall of the Sellbot Towers. When the pie throw is successful, then the toon has to hit the VP in his head or chest.
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