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This article is about the reward given for defeating the Chief Executive Officer. For more uses of "Pink Slip", see Pink Slip.

A toon using a pink slip

A pink slip allows a toon to "fire" a cog out of a cog battle. Pink slips are rewarded to toons who defeat the Chief Executive Officer in battle.

Good ol' Gil Giggles rewards the toons with pink slips. The amount of pink slips given can vary between one to five pink slips. A toon can carry a maximum of 255 pink slips. The amount of pink slips a toon is carrying is displayed in the "Gag" section of the Shticker Book.

Pink slips work similarly to a gag. Pink slips are the first move to be used during the toon round, before Toon-Up.


  1. The toon that is using the pink slip pulls out and presses a button.
  2. A cannon appears out of the ground and surrounds the cog.
  3. The toon then waves, the cannon fires, the toon ducks, and the cog is no longer in battle.


  • In real life, a pink slip is a notice given to an employee informing them that they have been fired. The cannon may represent the "fired" part.
  • The pink slips will do damage to the cog equal to the amount of health it has left, but will always defeat it, even if it's a Version 2.0 Cog.
  • Pink slips and an organic Railroad are the only attacks that can defeat Level 12 cogs in one hit.
  • When pink slips were first released on test, instead of pressing a button, the toon would throw a cupcake which would activate the cannon.
  • The cannon used to fire the cog is the same in appearance as the Cannon Game and Estate cannon.